[ARCHIVED] This page shows a couple of my projects, which I have done in my freetime during the years.

Outlook TimeManager

Microsoft Office Outlook add-on for showing mail insights with mail specific reading time. C# & VSTO. 2020

Sometimes you might be in a hurry for the next meeting, but you still have many unread and important emails to be read. I found out that Outlook did not have functionality for showing mail specific reading time, so I decided to create one from scratch.

Outlook TimeManager is designed to run automatically on background. You never need to manually calculate reading time, as the add-in does it for you - even for just received messages. There is also extra button that calculates the toal reading time in inbox folders automatically - perfect for knowing how many minutes it takes to read all unread emails through.

Project Portfolio Manager

Managing Bachelor and Master's degrees. Planning ahead, Excel and continuous improvement. 2017-

When I was at high school, doing my double degree, my studying counsellor told me not to think about passing both Matriculation Examination and Electrician vocational degree in three years, because my study choices contained long syllabus of both mathematics and physics. I thought, that what would be more fascinating than pursuing something that sounds so impossible? Thereafter, I made up my mind and set up a goal to graduate in three years. And so I did.

Couple years ago I was in the same kind of situation when my university started. I felt exhausted because I didn't feel that there were enough motivation for me with the template studying schedule. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself and see, can I do my bachelor's degree in two years? I ended up to graduate in spring 2019, in two years.

What I want to say is, that I enjoy challenges. I enjoy to pursue something that feels at first impossible to accomplish, but afterwards proves to be just another part in my long journey. And luckily, I am able to share this journey with unique, empowering and inspiring people.

The first picture summarizes, how my studying planning is related to managing project business.

The following picture shows my very first drafts of managing my studies back in 2017 for both B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies. After that, implementation have got additions with daily, weekly, periodly and yearly analyses and plannings of my studies, all driving towards ignorance minimization. This makes my performance analysis more objective, which reflects directly to better well-being, and increases the studying speed.

2 full years were cut off from my 5 year B.Sc. + M.Sc. university studies with this.


Create training statistics automatically from heart beat (BPM). Polar M600, Excel, ML. 2018-

I like to keep track of my exercise results when I'm training. However, writing down statistics of what happened, where happened, and how whappened, is time consuming,

To solve this problem i use Machine Learning (ML) to predict my excercise results automatically from BPM data, which is gathered by my sport watch. Because I need data, I have gathered rich data from my gym exercises. It contains information such as:

• 📅 Training date and time
• 📍 Location
• 💪🏻 Training type (e.g. hypertofic)
• 🏋🏻‍♂ Excercise name and number in training (e.g. deadlift)
• 🔂 Repeat series number in excercise (e.g. 1-5)
• 🔢 Used weight (kg)
• 🔂 Repeats (e.g. 6-20)
• ⏱ Repeat and recovery times
• 💓 Heart BPM average, max, 1s interval

In the first year, I gathered data from over 80 trainings (📅), nearly 1 000 unique exercises (🏋🏻‍♂), and more than 25 000 repeats (🔂).

Table Manager

Table manager for flea markets. C# and XML. 2017-

This program is capable to organize all tables in flea markets, by combining the customer management and table reservations. The total table count can be freely chosen between 1–999.

Updating and searching for information is made as fast as possible, by allowing peeking and showing of relevant information automatically.

Pictures of the current state can be found below.


PokerChip Calculator

Made from scratch, with Arduino and C++. 2015-2017

Have you ever thought why you always need to calculate all the played poker chips and big blind ratios in your head during the game? So did I, and my big brother, who also told me to build a poker chip calculator.

So I made one. And a very stylish one. From scratch. Take a look at the pictures below!



VAT Calculator

Made from scatch. Firstly made in Visual C++, afterwards converted to C#. 2014

My employer told me once a problem: Because companies usually deal with prices without VAT, and customers have 24 % VAT in their purchases, calculating VAT and non VAT prices during phone calls is time consuming with any kind of hand calculator. After hearing that, I started looking for small computer widgets, which could fulfil the needs.

It turned out pretty quickly, that there was no small computer program for this situation. Therefore, I decided to do one myself.

This small program is designed to stay always on desktop, under other programs. This way it is always ready to use during any kind of customer contacts. Needed user actions are also minimized by selecting all text of the clicked textbox automatically, and therefore there is never need to press backspace.

I also implemented an addon, which allows calculating 10 % and 14 % VATs on the fly.

Rotary Pump Control Station

Made from scatch, with Arduino. 2013-2014

This rotary pump control station is able to control two 230 V socket-outlets; first one with time-based/manual and another one with manual control.

The unit can be controlled with keypad and text-based user interface.