Format Corrector

Sometimes you might see a text for example in social media apps where special characters does not draw properly. For example, letter ä might have diaeresis ¨ next to the a like this: a¨. Usually this is due to the way programs use fonts. Therefore, somebody can see the text correctly whereas the others can't.

Example of a problematic text

Here is an example image that shows how the text looks when it has problems with ä letters:

You can copy and paste this text into the box to demo the problem:

Example of a normal text

Here is an example when the text does not have problems:

You can copy and paste this text into the box to demo this one does not have the problem:

Tänään näin kuun.

Check and correct your text

To verify you do not post text that creates those drawing problems, paste your text below and click run to check the formatting for Scandic å, ä and ö letters.

If Fcorrect finds problems in your text, the second text box shows the corrected text and you can use it to avoid the drawing problems.

Click Run to see results.