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About Lauri Alho

I am a 23-year old tech enthusiast and currently tackling new challenges at Nokia as a senior specialist. I have a Master of Science (Technology) in IT.

Helping and sharing my knowledge with others is still my greatest passion in the 8th year of my work career.

Accomplishments from the last 10 years:

  • Completed 5 degrees.
  • Gained work experience from 5 different companies.
  • Helped hundreds of people in multiple different fields.

Work Experience

Summarized work experience.


Senior Specialist


Various roles including Product Owner, Change Manager, Scrum Master, Software Developer.


Currently I work as a product owner in a 9-person software development team. I take the responsibility of our team’s work and ensure my team produces the highest value for our unit and product. I also have a change manager role in my unit.

I proactively develop my organization to be better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. I first listen to the others and then lead by showing an example.
Tampere University

Research Assistant

Tampere University

Machine Learning and robotics related research.


I worked in a team that did machine learning and robotics related research.
Ähtärin Energia ja Vesi Oy

Various Roles

Ähtärin Energia ja Vesi Oy

Various roles including Software Developer, Electrician, Automation System Designer.


I worked in a company that was responsible for distributing water, producing district heating, and handling wastewater for the city of Ähtäri.

• Had various roles, including a software developer, an electrician, and an automation system designer.

• Was part of multiple projects that were related to industrial automation and maintenance, telecommunication, and software development fields.
Veikon Kone

Various Roles

Ähtärin Konevisio Oy

Various roles including IT-supporter, Electrician, Customer Service Assistant.


I worked in various roles in Veikon Kone home appliance firm, including an IT-supporter, a customer service person, and an electrician.

• Main duties contained diagnosing, advising, and solving different IT problems and taking the sole responsibility of delivering working solutions for customers.


Summarized education.

Master of Science (Tech)

Master of Science (Technology)

Tampere University, Tampere, Finland


Bachelor of Science (Tech)

Bachelor of Science (Technology)

Tampere University, Tampere, Finland


Electrician and Automation Vocational Degree, Electrician

Electrical and Automation Vocational Degree, Electrician

Koulutuskeskus Sedu, Ähtäri, Koulutie


  • GPA: 3/3.
Matriculation Examination

Matriculation Examination

Ähtäri Upper Secondary School


  • Graduated with 3 laudaturs from Language and Literature (Finnish), Mathematics and Physics.


This section presents a couple of my projects, that I have done in my freetime during the years.

Alphabet Checker


A format corrector for texts that contain Scandic letters å, ä, and ö. Fcorrect ensures these letters are correctly shown across all devices and fonts. JS.

Time Manager

Outlook TimeManager

Microsoft Office Outlook add-on for showing mail insights with mail specific reading time. C# & VSTO.

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Project Portfolio Manager

Managing Bachelor and Master's degrees. Planning ahead, Excel and continuous improvement.

Image mb-5

Gym Helper

Create training statistics automatically from heart beat (BPM). Polar M600, Excel, ML.

Image mb-5


Table manager for flea markets. C# and XML.

Image mb-5

Poker Chip Calculator

Made from scratch, with Arduino and C++.

Image mb-5


Made from scratch. Firstly made in Visual C++, afterwards converted to C#.

Image mb-5

Rotary Pump Control Station

Made from scratch with Arduino.

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